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Jeffrey Ropp - Certified Prosthetist, President

Jeff Ropp-Prosthetist-PresidentJeff started working with a prosthetist seeing patients in 1980 when he first found out about the profession. He would visit a local prosthetist on and off for a few years and then got acquainted with the Institute for the Advancement of Prosthetics (IAP) in Lansing Michigan.

While attending MSU in his senior year he started working with the IAP and Jan Stokosa, CP in Lansing. He continued there until the next year and attended prosthetic school in Minnesota at 916 VoTech, a certificate program established with the University of Minnesota.

Jeff came back to Michigan and worked with Carl Brenner, CPO at Brenner Orthopedic Clinics in the metro Detroit area. He worked with Carl for 14 years as a practitioner and fabricator for both upper and lower prosthetic limbs.

Carl was one of the top prosthetists in the country working on upper extremity external prostheses for both pediatric and adult patients. They had a lot of involvement with the Variety Club of Michigan which helped to fund prosthetic arms for children.

In 1999, Jeff worked with Hanger Inc., the largest prosthetic company in the country. It was a different environment that taught him many new skills.

Hanger had no fabrication in-house facility and he learned how to create sockets using the 3D scanning techniques. Scanning and having his prostheses fabricated from a central fabrication facility was quite a new concept and learning experience. He also became the manager for the metro Detroit facilities until 2005.

In 2005 Jeff decided to start his own prosthetic company, Ropp Orthopedic Clinic, where he would welcome his patients’ input and influence on the prostheses they were going to wear.

What he discovered was most of the time a patient would share with him that their past prosthetist would not give them many choices or a voice in how their prosthesis was going to be made or what they wanted in their prosthesis.

Jeff listens to patients, educates them, and lets them know their options are important and matter.  Jeff encourages each patient to directly be involved in the design of their prosthesis.

Jeff has been a professor at Eastern Michigan’s Prosthetic and Orthotic program, a lecturer, an expert witness, a supporter of the Brain Injury Association of Michigan, and has started and backed many amputee support groups.

Jeff loves working with and helping his patients while running Ropp Orthopedic Clinic.

5 years ago, he married the love of his life and four children later (now all out of college-yay!) he is happily keeping his business growing and helping more people get better prostheses.

He could not have run Ropp Orthopedic Clinic without his family backing him, helping him along the way and his wonderful team of talented prosthetists, technicians, and managers.


Michael Grace—Business Manager

Michael Grace—Business ManagerMichael Grace is the Business Manager at Ropp Orthopedic Clinic. 

Mike’s many duties include checking patients in and out, preparing files, answering phones, and scheduling appointments. 

Mike also takes care of the intake and organization of all personal information of the patients at Ropp.  Mike makes sure to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and ensures the practice meets all current medical laws, regulations and ethics.

Mike also verifies all insurance coverage and is responsible for all billing, pre-certifying and negotiating with various insurance companies(health care and auto-no fault) about reimbursement. Mike’s background is in finance having worked at commercial banks and the Delphi Treasury Department. 

Mike graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a business degree and all of Ropp’s patients rave about his coffee.


Stephanie MinerDirector of Orthotics

Stephanie Miner—Director of Orthotics

Stephanie Miner is the Director of Orthotics at Ropp Orthopedic Clinic.

She lives her life by a quote from a friend: “If there is one thing I believe in, it is that we are put on this rock to help others - there is no greater good than that.” It was that need to help that led her to a career O&P in 2014.

As an ABC Certified Orthotist and a Board Eligible Prosthetist, Stephanie has extensive experience utilizing custom fit and custom fabricated upper and lower extremity orthoses to assist in neuromuscular and musculoskeletal conditions.

She believes in working hand-in-hand with patients and their healthcare teams to create individualized treatment plans to help patients get back to doing what they love. 

Stephanie holds a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Wayne State University and a Masters of Science in Orthotics and Prosthetics from Eastern Michigan University. 


Daniel Phillips—VP Back-house Operations

Daniel Phillips—Prosthetic TechnicianDaniel Phillips is an Emmy award-winning special effects makeup artist.

His talents for facial prosthetic design and fabrication have taken him all over the world including working on “The Hobbit” Trilogy in New Zealand.

Daniel joined Ropp Orthopedic Clinic in 2015 and started learning a new craft of prosthetic fabrication.

Dan’s skillsets for fabrication and painting have helped take Ropp Orthopedic to the next level. “ I feel my years of painting and fabrication have given me a great base to learn this new craft.

I love that every single prosthesis I help build is different. And that’s very appealing to me from a creative standpoint.” I have loved learning from Jeff Ropp and I know this is a lifelong position that I am truly blessed to have.

The feeling I get to see someone smile or even cry in joy when they put on a prosthetic I made Is priceless.